Embroidery & Printing Personalisation

We can embroider and print a huge variety of garments. All of our services are done in house; from the artwork design to decorating your garments, we have complete control over each step of the process to ensure you get the best result. The approach means that we can cut down our lead times and also offer runs on smaller jobs.

Artwork Approval

For embroidery it's our policy to stitch out designs as samples for your approval before we apply them to your garments. We will not process the order until you are completely happy with the design and any adjustments can be made to designs before application. For printing we will also ask you to confirm that you are completely happy with all design element before final application.

Colours and Styles

We stock a vast range of thread colours for embroidery and if necessary we can match to the Pantone Colour Matching System. When it comes to printing we also produce your design in a wide variety of colours. We can reproduce any font style in embroidery and print and have a range of standard styles that we keep on the embroidery software computer system. We can always advise our customers on styling choices and will use our knowledge and experience to produce the best possible result.