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DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing

Direct To Garment printing, otherwise know as DTG printing, is the process of printing the desired design directly onto the garment using CMYK and white inks to produce high quality, vibrant final products. DTG printing allows designs with many colours and other design elements such as colour gradients, that wouldn’t necessarily be able to be printed using other methods, to be recreated as accurately as possible.


Versatile and efficient

DTG printing can be used for many different application types, from simple single colour text or images to full colour photos and designs, whatever your requirements DTG printing can fit your needs.


Detailed finished product

The final print quality that DTG gives is very high meaning even designs with intricate and detailed design elements still come out looking sharp. DTG is a great option for any application and final use.


100% cotton all the way

DTG works best with 100% cotton garments. The ink is retained in the fabrics a lot better this way meaning to maximise the longevity of the garment we always recommend 100% cotton.

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