Recommend a friend FAQ’s

How does it work/ what’s the catch?

  • There is no catch! Simply recommend us to a friend, who then places an order with a minimum value of £50.00 Ex-VAT and you’ll receive £10.00 and they’ll receive 15% off their first order.


How do I qualify for the discount on my first order?

  • Simply contact us via email, phone or in person, letting us know you have been recommended by a friend and then give us the information your friend has filled in on the back of the recommendation card.


How many friends can I recommend?

  • There is no limit to the amount of friends you can recommend. If you run out of recommendation cards, get in touch and we’ll send you some more.


When will I receive my money?

  • As soon as the order is completed, which includes payment, we’ll send out your money.


How do I receive my money?

  • Your money can be given to you via cheque, PayPal, BACs or cash. For any cash payments, these will have to be collected from us.


How much does my friend need to spend for me to receive my money?

  • For recommendation orders to qualify for our rewards programme, the total order value has to be a minimum of £50.00 Ex-VAT.