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Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process of using ink to print your design onto garments through a mesh screen. This process is ideal for longer print runs and works by using a new screen for each different colour in your design. Screen printing is a very cost effective way of producing products with a precise, crisp and vibrant print, either in a single colour or multiple colours. With the ability to print in different styles of inks producing different final results, there is a type of ink for every requirement and garment type.


Fantastic price, amazing product

Screen printing is one of the most traditional methods of garments decoration and is still one of the most cost effective ways of printing all types of garments. Repeatable accuracy and high levels of efficiency for 1000’s of prints means a retail ready final product every time.


High levels of detail

With screen printing you can achieve very high levels of detail that might not be possible with other printing methods. Whatever your requirement screen printing is a great solution for many different applications.


Limitless colour

When using the screen printing method it’s possible to very accurately match specific colours and shades. Screen printing can also take advantage of matching your artwork to exact Pantone colours if needed.

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