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Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is the perfect garment decoration option for shorter runs, or for logos or text without a lot of very fine detail. We use a very thin type of vinyl, which comes in many different colours, to achieve as little feel as possible once it is applied to the garment. The produces a superior finish at a very affordable price without the necessarily having to commit to a large number of items.


A softer touch

Our superior quality vinyl allows us use this method of garment printing without the final product having an overly obvious feel to it. With added flexibility and minimal impact on garment softness, you’ll hardly notice the vinyl at all. Vinyl printing is perfect for t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies- really any time of garment will work well with this method.


Not just for sports numbers

Although vinyl printing can be used for applying individual names and numbers to a whole host of different sports clothing, it can also be used to create all types of designs in many different colours. We typically work with up to 3 colours when vinyl printing, however every each job is treated individually.


Long lasting

Vinyl printing can be used for any type of business or organisation. It’s hard wearing and lost lasting, even after repeated washing. We usually recommend to wash garments with vinyl printing at temperatures lower than 60 degrees, and not to iron directly onto the printing itself. Follow these guidelines and your print will last for a long time.

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