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No Minimum Order Quantity

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1000's of Product Available

FREE Delivery over £150

FREE Delivery over £150

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Rated 5 Stars on Google & Trustpilot

Ordering Steps

Watch our how-to guide on how to customise your items in just 2 minutes!

Order in 3 Simple Steps

We’ve created a simple three step ordering process.

Easily search for the products you need, customise them right away and then place your order.

Our online ordering system makes it easy to order any possibility you might need. Customise your products with print and embroidery quickly and easily.

Choose Your Items

1000’s of products available to suit every requirement

Customise Your Items

Customise your order with print or embroidery in the locations you need


Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll do the rest

Step by step guide

We’ve created a full step by step guide below which explains exactly how the ordering and customisation process works.

Select Your Chosen Product(s)

Select your chosen product(s) either by finding the required category in the main navigation, searching using the search bar, or by selecting a quick link icon box

Select Your Required Colour(s)

Once you have selected a product, click on your chosen product and select your required colour(s) as shown in Step 1 of the online customisation tool. You can select multiple colours.

Select Your Required Size(s) and Quantities

The next step is to choose the required quantity of items for your selected colour(s). Choose from the available sizes to select the sizes you need. You can select from all the available sizes per colour.

Choose Your Customisation Method(s)

Step 3 of the order process is where you can select which customisation methods to apply to your chosen garments. Choose from either “No Customisation” (i.e. completely plain or blank), “Embroidery (stitched) or “Printing”. You can choose multiple customisation methods per item, however, the method(s) you choose will be applied to ALL colour(s) and size(s) options you have selected for each item.

Choose Your Location(s)

At step 4 you are able to select the location(s) for the required customisation me. In the example shown here, we have selected the Embroidery” customisation method and therefore all of the available Embroidery locations are displayed for the selected product. You can select multiple locations and choose individual files to upload/ text inputs for each customisation location. If both the embroidery and printing customisation methods were picked in the previous step, we would be able to choose a mixture of embroidery and printing customisation as required.

Please note: The available customisation type locations may vary per products, depending on how each product is able to be customised.

Upload A File Or Input Text (not logged in)

Now that we have selected our customisation method and locations, we are now ready to either select to upload a file or input custom text. As shown in the title of this step we are choosing the Embroidery design for the Left Breast location. If we had selected multiple customisation types and/ or locations, each of these options would have the ability to upload a separate file or create a custom text input.

Please note: The view shown in this example is if you are not logged in. If you are logged in you are able to select previously used file, without incurring additional set up fees.

Upload A File Or Input Text (logged in)

If you are logged in while choosing whether to upload a file or input text for each location, slightly different input fields will show. You can still choose to upload a new file or input new custom text, but you will now also be able to select from previously used design (if applicable). All you need to do is select the “My [customisation type] Designs” tab. An image of this is shown below

Choose The Same Design For Multiple Locations

If you have selected multiple locations you have the option to select an individual file or custom text for each location. You also have the option use the same design on all locations; how this is done is shown above.

If more the one location per customisation method has been selected a button will appear allowing you to choose the same design for all location. The text on this button will change depending on what customisation method you have chosen, but for this example the button displays as “Use same design for all EMBROIDERY locations?”. Select this button and you can choose to upload a file or input custom text to be used on all Embroidery locations, or choose an existing file from the “My Embroidery Designs” tab to be used on all embroidery locations.

Please note: This functionality can be used with all customisation methods and locations.

Configure File Options

The final step in the customisation process is to configure the uploaded file options if applicable. There are two aspects to configure:

The first is how the logo should be embroidered/ printed. When a file is uploaded there is a prompt to confirm that the chosen file will be produced exactly as uploaded. If this is correct then you should select the “Confirm” button next to this message. If something needs changing e.g. the file actually needs printing in red, a “request changes” field shows at the bottom of this section and a brief message can be entered. Please note: The request changes field only displays if the “confirm” button is not selected.

The second configurable option is the size that you would like the file to be embroidered/ printed at. There are always three standard sizes available to choose from: Small, Medium or Large. However, the exact size for each option changes depending on what product and/or location(s) have been selected. Choose from one of these options, or choose to select a custom width up to the max size shown above the custom width input field.

Once you’re happy with configuration of the uploaded file(s), you can add your order to the basket, at which point all the information you have entered and selected is saved.

Add To Basket

Once all of the options have been chosen and you are ready to proceed, click “Add to basket”. All the selected options will be saved and transferred into the basket ready for final review and then onto the checkout process.

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